It’s been a while…..

I have been a bad blogger.  I originally set this blog up last year to document and share the ups and downs of spanieldom and had THE best intentions of regular posts, sharing experiences and indulging a long-held desire to write more, much more, about the stuff I get really excited about…..

However, as often happens, life gets in the way and before you know it, your blog is like a neglected patch of garden – it just seems a little stunted and unloved.  This seems especially sad, given that the blog is about my major passions in life – science AND spaniels!

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Well, it might be a bit late, but a resolution of 2019 was to reactivate my blogging, so here I am….. and like any neglected garden, there is always the potential for new life!

2018 – The Year of Change

Firstly, last year saw me change job, and not just change job, but change career, work location, “industry” and make the move from academia to the commercial sector.  It was also a slightly unexpected and serendipitous move!  Luckily, I am more involved with applied canine science now than I think I ever have dreamed of, but the learning curve has been steep and juggling a whole new work-life balance has been interesting, not to mention BUSY!

The other thing that happened was that Molly had puppies!  More about those puppies in a later blog, but she had four BEAUTIFUL puppies, sired by a most handsome blue roan stud dog (who I have a not-so-secret crush on….).  It was also spectacularly timed – I finished one job on a Friday, puppies born on the Sunday and the following Monday, I started a brand new job……. looking back, I think I managed to function for the rest of 2018 on pure adrenaline (and the occasional gin or two…….)

Anyway, I’m back, with lots more stories to tell…..


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